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Who is an Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is a dentist that makes special provisions in his or her schedule to provide emergency dental services to his or her own patients, as well as new patients that live in the community.  The hours that each emergency dentist devotes to emergencies varies.

Some emergency dentists work all day at clinics. Their only responsibility is to care for emergencies at the clinic – often for patients of other dentists from the clinic, but sometimes helping with dental emergencies from people in the community who, as of yet, do not have a regular dentist. 

Sometimes, emergency dentists work odd hours of the day and night and weekends. Other dentists intentionally leave an hour or two of their daily schedule open during for their patients who come into their office without an appointment with an emergency situation.

Emergency Dentists often perform partially complete or temporary procedures. For example, in a normal situation most root canals are done from start to finish in a 1 hour appointment. The problem is that an emergency dentist is often busy with regular patients and doesn’t have the time to do a complete repair. At other times, the emergency dentist might not be properly prepared with the products and tools necessary to perform a permanent dental process for his or her emergency dental patient.

With emergency dentists, the goal is to get the patient out of pain and to ensure that the teeth cannot do further damage until a permanent procedure can be conducted. The expectation is not to perform the entire procedure. Instead of doing all of the root canal, for instance, the emergency dentist can open the tooth and remove the nerves and the biting surface of the tooth so that the patient is unable to further damage the tooth.

Emergency dentists cater to unexpected dental emergencies such as a toothache or an abscessed tooth. Often emergency dentists spend their time resolving issues that are extremely painful and/or that require immediate medical attention from a dental professional.

There are serious dental emergencies such as swelling in the face or the neck, a fractured jaw, and severe bleeding in the mouth.

Swelling in the neck or face could be due to an abscessed tooth or an infection that is rapidly spreading. If this type of swelling is not treated by an emergency dentist, or other health care professional, it can block the airway and cause fatal consequences.

If someone has received a blow to the chin, or has been involved in an accident involving the face, they could have a fractured jaw. Should this happen, an emergency dentist or oral specialist must reset the jaw as quickly as possible.

Severe bleeding in the mouth can happen following an extraction and is often due to an infection or the use of certain drugs. If an emergency dentist does not remedy the situation immediately, this can cause a myriad of serious health issues.

There are many effective techniques that an emergency dentist uses to treat dental emergencies. The type of treatment that an emergency dentist prescribes often depends on each particular situation.

Here are a few of the emergency issues that emergency dentists repair on a consistent basis:

Chipped tooth
Bitten Tongue or Lip
Cracked Tooth
Broken Jaw
Knocked Out Tooth
Objects Caught Between Teeth
Extruded Teeth
Fractured Teeth
Lost Fillings

Emergency dentists help to quickly resolve all these and other critical dental issues. Sometimes relieving the pain of the dental emergency is just as important as repairing the dental concern.

Now that you know who an emergency dentist is, find out which emergency dentist in your area might be available to help you and your family in emergency dental situations.