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Dental Practice Fees

Do you know what to do about your dental practice fees heading into the new year? With the new year coming soon, now is a great time to look into your business and see what you should be charging for all your procedures.  Expert Teresa Duncan offers 5 tips on the most important things for […]

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What Is An Apicoectomy?

All teeth have roots that keep them anchored to the jawbone.  The tip of the root, or the apex, is where the blood vessels and nerves enter the tooth. If a patient has had a root canal but still has a persistent infection, they may require an apicoectomy.  This is the removal of the root […]

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Mobile Marketing For Dentists

Mobile marketing for dentists is a big thing right now as many people now access the internet through mobile devices rather than desktop PC’s.  When people go searching for a dentist on a mobile device, you want to be sure that you are accessible. You should know that not all websites are mobile friendly.  They […]

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Facts Your Dentist Wants You To Know

There are many facts about oral health that people know, and some that they do not.  These are some of the most important facts your dentist wants you to know. Dental check ups should include oral cancer screenings – When you go for your regular dental check up and cleaning, be sure that they dentist […]

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Teeth Grinding In Children

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, is actually more common in children than adults. It is believed that about 30% of children grind or clench their teeth. Usually, they move past this phase by the time they are a teenager. Why do children grind their teeth?  Kids grind their teeth for similar reasons that adults […]

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