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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Have you ever been to a dentist that uses a microscope in their practice? If not, it’s not too surprising.  Less than 5 percent of family dentists practice microscope enhanced dentistry. But why should dentists use dental microscopes in their practice?  Well for one simple reason, it helps them see better. A dentist with a […]

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Dental Care Myths

In the dental world there are many facts about how to keep your teeth looking healthy and bright.  But unfortunately, there are some dental care myths as well.  If you are living by any of these, you may be hurting your dental health. Whiter teeth are healthier – This is a myth. Even if you […]

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The Economy And The Oral Health Of America

An entertaining article found on CNet claims that economic performance can be predicted by the oral health of America.  This article, written by Chris Matyszczyk, says that there have been less dental crowns, veneers and dental implants purchased this year.  Because these things are often payed for with cash, does it express a measure of […]

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The Importance Of A Smile

As a dentist you help people all over have nice smiles.  But did you ever think that your smile is important too?  In an article from Michael Hyatt we read about how important it is for leaders to smile.  Maybe you’ve never thought about yourself as a leader, but dentists are leaders not only to […]

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Understanding Patient Needs

As a dentist, you obviously want to be sure that your patient’s dental health is top priority.  But it is important to meet other needs of your patients including emotional needs, financial concerns, scheduling issues and any other factors that will influence how your patient feels about their dental care.  This is not always an […]

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