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Benefits of Xylitol

We’ve learned that the cause of tooth decay is the bacteria in the mouth that feeds on the sugars we eat.  When you eat foods containing sugar, it gives your teeth energy allowing them to make more acid that eats away the tooth enamel. Xylitol is a natural sweetener that acts differently than regular sugar […]

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What Does Tongue Color Mean?

You use your tongue to eat, drink and speak.  But did you know that it also helps to keep your mouth and teeth clean? In fact, it can provide insight on your overall health. Your tongue changes color when your body is sick, low on vitamins, or dehydrated. Here is what tongue color means. Red […]

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Discoloration Of Teeth

Discoloration of teeth can be hard to prevent, but not impossible. Our teeth naturally change color as we age, but the things we eat and drink and how we take care of our teeth can also cause them to change. The following is a list of the different shades that our teeth might take on […]

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Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Have you ever been to a dentist that uses a microscope in their practice? If not, it’s not too surprising.  Less than 5 percent of family dentists practice microscope enhanced dentistry. But why should dentists use dental microscopes in their practice?  Well for one simple reason, it helps them see better. A dentist with a […]

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Dental Care Myths

In the dental world there are many facts about how to keep your teeth looking healthy and bright.  But unfortunately, there are some dental care myths as well.  If you are living by any of these, you may be hurting your dental health. Whiter teeth are healthier – This is a myth. Even if you […]

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